Custom Videos

We are happy to announce that we are taking custom video requests again!

One of Anton’s favorite models, Loren Chance, will be reviewing custom requests and sending out price quotes. If you are interested in having a video made, please send Loren an e-mail at Tell her what model or models you would like in your video.  You can see a list of available models and what type of work they accept on our Custom Models page. Give Loren a complete description of what you want to see.  Be sure to include any details that are important to you, including any specific clothing or shoes you want the model to wear.  Loren will send you a price quote and you can decide if you want to proceed with the video. We accept payment by check or credit card, although for larger amounts, we may require payment by check.  We have access to a few houses that we can shoot in.  If you want your video to take place in an unusual location, we may be able to do it but the cost will be significantly higher.  We have a couple of male actors who can play a villain.  If you want a female villain, we will have to hire another model so the cost will be much higher.  The expected time for completion of a custom video (from the date we receive payment to the date your video is delivered to you) is about 6-10 weeks.  We can not guarantee delivery by a particular date.  We can mail your video to you on a dvd or we can make it available for you to download.  Once you have received your video, Anton Productions will offer it on our websites for other customers to purchase.  Anton Productions will maintain copyright ownership of all custom videos.



We will be doing a shoot with beautiful Celeste on December 13.  If you would like us to shoot a scene for you on that day, we can do one scene (about 20-30 minutes) at a very low rate…as little as $200!  The price for your video will be based on how complex it is. But, usually, one scene would include 2 bondage positions or 2 knock outs and some brief body manipulation or 1 hypnosis induction and some hypnotic control.

If you are interested, please send Loren an e-mail and tell her what you would like to see!

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